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October 3, 2007
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Satyr. by mooneko Satyr. by mooneko
Heehee! Lookit his cute widdle hornsies! And the fact that he looks like he's going to molest something. O_o;;;

I was doodling different faces and his came out...and I kept having to make the canvas bigger and I was all "AAAAAAH I MIGHT AS WELL MAKE IT ITS OWN FILE" and so here he is.

Satyrs are so fun and mischevious :) And drunk. Don't forget that.

Dionysus/Bacchus/Iacchos: *burp* YEAAAH!!! DRUNKEDNESS!!! LIKE MEEEEEESESSSS....LAWL
Nymphs: Ehhhh.
Iacchos: *hiccup* *cute smile*
Nymphs: How about a trip to Thebes?
Creon: Gulp.

Ahh...good times in English class...MAKE IT GO AWAY :ohnoes:
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niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice look!
He has an interesting face... not bad, but interesting. You left out a bunch of Dionysus' names! Like son of the Thunderer, and all of those other ones...
mooneko Oct 3, 2007  Student General Artist

Dionysus, Bacchus, Iacchos, Son of the Thunderer, That Random Drunk Dude, The Half-God God, The God of Wine, The God of Getting Drunk and Getting Pregnant, The Nypmh Pimp, Grapeman, God of Many Names, Patron God of Thebes, Wallawalladingdong, The God of the French Sheath, The God of Getting Knocked Up, etc.
ohemgee lolz i love how he's like :} lol!
pretty pimpin awesome, which i say way too much but awesome people like you are awesome a lot and i dont have a whole lotta like different ways to say 'i'm like in love with this.' :)
mooneko Oct 3, 2007  Student General Artist
:lmao: That made me laugh for like a minute...I dunno why! But it did!

You're awesome toooooo! :hug:

I think he IS a pimp. So the pimpin awesome is perfectly fine ;)
aaw, thank you ^^ :glomp:

lolz, i just got this picture in my head of him in like a purple pimp suit with a pimp cane and all these little nymphs and whatnot around him... XD

not random at all, but i should really update more... mmkay. i'll upload stuff. ....tomorrow. XD
mooneko Oct 3, 2007  Student General Artist
I SHOULD TOTALLY DRAW THAT!!!!!! After I'm done with everything else.

*glances at piles of stuff she has to draw* Ehhhhh.

Yay! Uploadyness!
:dance: yaaay
yeah recently my load of things to draw has been like piling up. oh well... it's fall break in like 2 days so i have time then. ^^ ooh and i'mma write a story! a christmas-y story! [out of season much? :lmao:]
mooneko Oct 4, 2007  Student General Artist
You have fall break?!?! Unfair! We just have spring and winter. >.> And Thanksgiving. But we have the jewish holidays off, so I guess that counts.

Abhout 90% of the psd files on my computer aren't finished. ARRRGGGHHHHHHHH I need to get a-working.

English teacher: On your homework, missy.
Science teacher: On your BCR!
History teacher: READ! You took the oath!
Math teacher: PLUG IT IN, PLUG IT IN.
Art teacher: stop flirting with sophomores. psshaaw.
well we have saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday off, and they call that fall break. XD oh well.
we dont get jewish holidays off... D< lucky!

lol. flirting with sophomores, eh? are they hot? -winkwinknudgenudge-
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